Member Resources and Services

Together, the EIA and Educational Alliant Insurance Services have dedicated professionals available to provide expertise and resources to educational entities, including specialists who stay abreast of education codes and state requirements.



  • Education Connection is a monthly newsletter that contains a broad spectrum of risk control and management topics relevant to educational organizations.
  • The EIA's EssentiaLink email is our primary communication tool, that bundles important updates together, without crowding your email inbox.
  • Member's can collaborate on current trends that affect loss control, risk management, and other insurance related issues via our Blog.


Each year, new legislation is introduced that have the potential to impact educational members directly or indirectly.

Message Board

Our EIA Message Board board includes a forum specific to educational organizations. In addition to the other forums available, members can seek or share information on matters pertaining to educational organizations.


Risk Control

The EIA’s risk control department is here to partner with you.  Below are just a few of the services available to you. 

Other Cost Containment Services

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