Miscellaneous Coverages

California Airport Liability Insurance Program (CALIP) and California Municipal Aircraft Program (CAMP) cover all aspects of members’ airport operations and/or the liability of their aircraft. Takes advantage of the joint purchasing power of members to achieve the broadest possible coverage and limits at the lowest rates available. 

Coverage Provided

  • Aircraft Hull and Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Contractual Liability
  • Newly Acquired Aircraft
  • Non-Owned Aircraft

Renewal Date:  June 30

Current Members: 52


CALIP – Program Features

  • Group purchase program
  • Three-year rolling program term
  • Limits are available as needed
  • Airport owners and operators general liability
  • Premises liability, personal/advertising injury, contractual liability
  • Products completed operations
  • Hangar keeper’s and garage keeper’s legal liability
  • Coverage extension for air meets, contests, and exhibitions
  • Non-owned aircraft physical damage
  • Airport vehicles on premises
  • Heliport liability

CAMP – Program Features

  • Group purchase program
  • Three-year rolling program term
  • Limits are available as needed
  • Aircraft hull and liability
  • Passenger voluntary settlement sub-limit
  • Passenger personal effects and medical payments coverage
  • Non-owned aircraft liability (not exceeding eight seats)
  • Non-owned hangers and contents
  • 15% no-claims bonus on hull coverage

This program provides coverage for illegal acts committed by employees while on the job. 

Coverage Provided

Governmental Crime Policy on Discovery Form including:

  • Employee theft including Faithful Performance of Duty (Per Loss Coverage)
  • Forgery or alteration including Credit, Debit or Charge Card Forgery
  • Inside premises - Theft of money and securities
  • Inside premises - Robbery or safe burglary of other property
  • Computer fraud and funds transfer fraud
  • Money orders and counterfeit paper currency
  • Outside the premises

Limit: $15,000,000 each occurrance

Renewal Date:  June 30

Current Members: 128

Deductible per occurance: $2,500 or $25,000 (varies by member)


  • Crime application
  • Six years of loss history or signed no known or reported loss letter on entity’s letterhead; loss information should include: Date of Occurrence, Description of Occurrence, Total Amount of Occurrence, Total Paid Loss
  • Current audited financial statement including auditor’s report and management report
  • Complete listing of named insured’s


Crime Program Claim Reporting Procedures

This program is designed to provide medical expense coverage for inmates requiring off-site medical treatment due to serious injuries or other health problems. Various limit and retention options are available, there is no aggregate limit of liability cap, and the program can be excess of coverage provided under an existing contract or placed as primary.

Coverage Provided

Off-site inpatient services/outpatient surgical and associated physician services.  The maximum eligible allowable shall be limited to the lesser of the amount paid, or up to an “Average Daily Maximum” (ADM) per admission of $40,000 ADM for the first three days and $25,000 ADM thereafter.


$1,000,000 Limits of Liability per inmate; No annual Aggregate applies.

Renewal Date:  July 1

Current Members: 8

Deductible: Options from $10,000 to $100,000 per inmate/per year

Special Features

  • No pre-existing condition exclusion
  • Prior to booking claims covered
  • Expenses in connection with security or  gaurding of Inmate up to $10,000
  • AIDS/HIV and Pregnancy claims included


  • Program application
  • Three years current valued loss run listing losses only over $10,000


CIMI Claim Procedure and Form

This program provides members with comprehensive electronic information and security liability coverage. 

Coverage Provided

  • Information Security and Privacy Liability
  • Privacy Notification Costs
  • Regulatory Defense and Penalties
  • Website Media Content Liability
  • Cyber Extortion
  • First Party Data Protection

Renewal Date: July 1

Current Members: 95

Self Insured Retention: $50,000 or $100,000 per claim based on total insured values size of member


  • Information Security & Privacy Insurance with Electronic Media Liability Coverage
  • Privacy Notification Costs, in excess of the Retention
  • Regulatory Defense and Penalties paid on behalf of the member claims expenses
  • Website Media Content Liability (occurrence based) paid on behalf of the insured damages and claims expenses
  • Cyber Extortion indemnifies the member for costs incurred as a direct result of an extortion threat first made against the Insured Organization by a person other than employees, directors, officers, principals, trustees, governors, managers, members, etc. 
  • First Party Data Protection


Cyber Best Reporting Practices



This environmental group purchase program provides public entities coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and cleanup costs caused by pollution conditions at scheduled owned or leased sites or arising from certain operations.

Renewal Date:  July 1

Current Members: 89

Self Insured Retention

  • $75,000 or $250,000—Each Pollution Condition
  • $1 Million—Aggregate Program SIR
  • $50,000—Maintenance SIR after Aggregate SIR has eroded


Third Party

  • Third Party bodily injury, property damage, and off-site cleanup coverage, plus first party on-site cleanup coverage, as a result of pollution conditions at, on or migrating from scheduled sites (including associated streets and roads, storm drains & outfalls, and sanitary sewer trunk lines).
  • Products liability (Bodily Injury and Legal Defense for Contaminants only) for potable, reclaimed and recycled water distributed by the insured
  • Blanket coverage on Non-Owned Disposal Sites

First Party

  • Cleanup as a result of pollution conditions at, on or under the scheduled sites (including streets and roads, and sanitary sewer trunk lines) except landfills and former military bases
  • On-site Sudden and Accidental Airport Coverage with 72-hour reporting period
  • Pollution coverage for vehicles owned or leased by the insured
  • Coverage included for above ground storage tanks; Underground Storage Tanks (UST) require scheduling*


  • Covered Locations: All locations within the portfolio, whether owned, leased, operated or managed by the insured at the inception date and listed on the property schedule, including landfills
  • Automatic Coverage for Newly Acquired Locations - reported annually and not a landfill or not an RCRA or Superfund site
  • Divested locations will be considered removed for the Covered Location Schedule as of the date of such location is divested; pre-existing condition coverage is provided


Pollution Claims Procedure and Form

This program is designed to provide a group purchase advantage to public entities with rescue watercraft exposures, including trailers.

Coverage Provided

  • Hull and Machinery
  • Collision and Towers Liability
  • Protection and Indemnity Liability

Renewal Date:  June 30

Current Members: 56

Deductible: $1,000 per occurrence


The program provides coverage for Hull and Machinery, Collision and Towers Liability, and Protection and Indemnity Liability. Optional Crew Liability is available with a low deductible.

Program Enhancements

  • Automatic Acquisition Clause
  • Business Personal Property and/or equipment (used in ongoing operation of a vessel)
  • Personal Effects Coverage


Vessels are confined to coastal, inland and tributary waters of the United States no more than 100 nautical miles offshore except to save life, property or repairs, maintenance and/or alterations to the vessel(s).


Master Rolling Owner’s Protective Professional Indemnity (MR OPPI) program provides a construction project owner the insurance protection needed when the design professional’s coverage is not available or is insufficient. MR OPPI is similar to the MR OCIP concept, as it will create a master rolling project such that, once the minimum premium is met, smaller projects can enjoy the benefits of an OPPI policy.

Members in this program purchase limits in excess of the underlying $25M from GL1 or GL2 Programs.

Coverage Provided

Follow Form Occurrence Excess Liability. Coverage follows underlying EIA GL1 and GL2 Programs Memorandums of Coverage as applicable including:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Personal Injury
  • Public Officials Errors and Omissions
  • Employment Practices Liability

Renewal Date:  July 1

Current Members: 47

Limits: Varies by Member


The Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP) is an insured program that achieves significant savings by consolidating service contracts and providing an asset management system. The program consolidates a member's qualified equipment under one program that improves the standard of care for the entity’s equipment, identifies poor performing equipment, manages strategic vendor relationships, improves equipment performance, and delivers significant immediate “hard dollar” savings, without disrupting business practices or operations.

Coverage Provided

Comprehensive equipment maintenance insurance coverage

Special Features

  • Includes coverage for preventive maintenance
  • Toll free 800 telephone dispatch for all service events
  • Comprehensive database of all equipment
  • Online access to data

The program provides incidental course of construction coverage for projects over $50M in value. Coverage provided - all risks of direct physical loss or damage to insured property. Coverage may include or exclude land movement, water damage, windstorm, delay in completion and other perils or extensions of coverage.

Governmental Fiduciary Liability Policy on Claims Made form. The Insurer will pay on behalf of the Insureds, losses which the Insureds are legally obligated to pay as a result of claims first made during the policy period, or during the discovery period (if purchased), against the Insureds for a Wrongful Act by the Insureds or by any natural person for whose Wrongful Act the Insureds are legally responsible.

SLIP is unique in that it offers a customized, manuscript form developed specifically for small public entities and not-for-profit organizations that offers a wide range of liability coverage. In addition to general liability, SLIP provides public officials errors and omissions liability (for public entities), directors and officers liability (for not-for-profits), automobile liability, and employment practices liability all under one contract on an “occurrence” basis.

Property damage coverage for real and/or personal property owned, leased, or in the care, custody, or control of the insured entity. SPIP offers all-risk property damage limits starting at $25 million with deductibles as low as $2,500. In addition, the program has developed its own manuscript form that includes most of the property-related coverages needed by its clients under a single contract. Additional coverages with varying sub-limits include, business interruption, extra expense, expediting expense, automobile physical damage, automatic coverage for acquisitions of new property, property in course of construction or remodel

This program offers public entities premises liability coverage for a broad range of events held by underinsured third parties in public assembly facilities.

Provides insurance coverage for small public entity vendors and contractors who do not carry their own insurance coverage.