The EIA consists of counties and public agencies, each with similar risks and insurance needs. Your agency’s involvement has allowed the EIA to utilize more resources for each organization’s insurance needs and spread risk across a much larger group. The EIA relies on organizations like yours to continue reducing costs and maintain stability for all members. As a result of the group size, you now have greater access to programs and services that are competitive, flexible, fair, and consistent.


55 member counties, representing a 95% market share of all 58 California counties, are reducing insurance costs and utilizing service programs to cover a multitude of risks through the EIA.

Public Entities

254 member organizations including 1,500 sub-members are likewise benefitting from the reduced cost and greater stability that our programs and services offer.

Public entity members include:


The graph above indicates a steady and continuing growth in membership over the years. Membership is shown in terms of “member units” where each member in each of the programs is counted as one unit.

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Educational Organizations Resources

The EIA is dedicated to providing coverages, services and resources for K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities in California.
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