EIA Lobbyist Information

In December of 1998, the EIA hired Michael Y. Corbett & Associates to represent the EIA as the lobbyist. Michael Y. Corbett (MYCA) is headquartered in Sacramento, California at 770 L Street, Suite 950, a short walk from the Capitol. In addition to the usual support staff resources, MYCA is able to provide clients with private office space while visiting the Capitol and conference rooms for meetings of various sizes. While employed at CSAC, Michael was recognized for his ability to develop innovative public policy strategies, several of which were enacted to the benefit of counties. For example, Michael conceived and drafted the original booking fee legislation which won the approval of the Legislature and was signed into law by Governor George Deukmejian. He also helped draft the Brown Presley Trial Court Funding bill in 1988, and has played a major role in all subsequent trial court funding legislation. Michael has consistently "delivered" for his clients through his skillful management of the legislative and budget processes and his command of the issues. 

MYCA provides an array of government relations services, including advocacy before the California Legislature and state regulatory agencies; coordination of state and local legislative activities; development of result-driven legislative programs; and excellent communication with various units of state and local government. As a result of 20-plus years in government, the last 10 having been spent specializing in county issues, the firm's principal, Michael Corbett, has a proven ability to interact among the delineated branches of government to achieve highly favorable results for the firm's clients. 

Prior to establishing his own firm, Michael Corbett spent four years as a policy consultant and legislative advocate for the California State Association of California (CSAC), where he specialized in issues ranging from economic development to the administration of justice to tort reform. Indeed, shortly after joining CSAC Michael was selected to represent county interests in tort reform negotiations with the California Trial Lawyers Association. Those negotiations, which also included city and special district representatives, culminated in the enactment of comprehensive tort reform legislation in the Summer of 1987. 

MYCA will establish a government relations program that includes monitoring, coalition-building and advocacy in each of the three political environments that largely shape public policy in Sacramento: the Legislature, the State Administration and the "third house" of represented special interest groups.

In order to better focus its efforts in each environment, MYCA will distinguish between primary and secondary focal points as determined through consultation with EIA officials and staff. For example, with respect to the Legislature, MYCA would distinguish between primary and secondary committees of interest to the EIA and, in similar fashion, identify key legislators and potential coalition partners.

MYCA is a "full service" lobbying and consulting entity. The firm provides comprehensive government relations services, including representation and advocacy before the California Legislature, the Governor's Office and various administrative and regulatory divisions of state government. The firm offers its clients an opportunity to competently address diverse policy concerns and state budget issues. Services that will be provided to the EIA will include but not be limited to the implementation of a strategy and work plan that includes monitoring the Legislature, Governor's Office and pertinent state agencies; coordination with allied interest; and direct advocacy and lobbying activities.

EIA Lobbyist 
Michael Y. Corbett 
Michael Y. Corbett & Associates 
770 L Street, Suite 950, Sacramento, CA 95814 
Phone: (916) 449-3936 
Fax: (916)  354-9773
E-mail: mycorbett@yahoo.com