With both in-house expertise and partnerships with industry leaders, the EIA’s Risk Control team has developed effective training solutions addressing a broad array of public entity risks. Thousands of member employees have received the safety and risk control training they need through these programs. See below for more information about these training opportunities.


An online learning management system by TargetSolutions allows members access to an extensive catalog of web based training sessions for risk management as well as everyday business needs such as Microsoft Suite products.

We have partnered with TargetSolutions to deliver an online training and safety/risk management platform of services. The web-based training program provides access to a wide range of training topics, many of which are free, and others at an EIA negotiated reasonable cost. This innovative service gives members “anytime, anywhere” access to quality, cost-effective, courses in a wide range of risk management topics as well as general business needs such as Microsoft Suite products.

The platform is streamlined and more efficient than traditional systems and contains several beneficial features, to include: a time-saving compliance tracking component, resource center, FleetSmart, data analytic capabilities and file center functions. Contact EIA Risk Control for additional information.


Our EIAtv solution offers live training sessions, as well as 24/7 access to on-demand webcasts.  Choose from a myriad of risk management topics for workers' compensation, liability, property and health programs via a customized platform accessible only by EIA members and their employees.


iTrainStation is an online streaming library of safety and training videos available for 1-day streaming access.

iTrainStation FAQ's

What is iTrainStation?

  • iTrainStation is an online repository of educational safety videos available for 1-day streaming.

How does iTrainStation work?

  • Each video is accessible for a brief preview. If you decide that you would like to view the video you would then spend a credit to gain access to unlimited views of that video until the end of that calendar day. (i.e. if you were to rent the video at any time on August 24th, you would have access to it until 11:59pm on August 24th)

How do I get credits?

  • Each EIA member has access to up to 2 credits per month. Once you set up an account with the EIA, you can spend these credits to gain 1-day access to a video. These credits are not added to a pool for a specific entity, but are a limit on the amount of credits that you can access from the EIA’s pool.

How do I set up an account?

  • Please contact Risk Control to set up an account. Once you’ve done so, you will have access to 2 credits per month through that account that you can use at your leisure.

Can I preview a video?

  • Yes, you can watch several minutes of a video that has a watermark over it in the small demo player before spending a credit on the video.

What if I would like to watch 3 videos and I only have two credits?

  • If you would like to watch more than two videos in a month, please contact Risk Control and request another credit.
On Site Training

Customized sessions held at members' location to help address specific hazards and loss prevention issues.  These can be held at various locations throughout California.  

Training can range from injury prevention to disaster preparedness to office ergonomics, and more.  Contact EIA Risk Control for additional information.