Loss Data Requirements and Resources

Workers' Compensation, Liability, and Medical Malpractice Program Members

The EIA requires first dollar, full value Workers' Compensation, Liability, and Medical Malpractice losses throughout the year.

Please complete and submit the Authorization to Obtain Loss Data Form if we do not currently collect complete loss data submissions from your entity, or if you have recently changed your Third Party Administrator (TPA).

Who Should Submit Loss Data:

  • Every current and former Member.
    • If you use a Third Party Administrator (TPA), and you have completed the Authorization to Obtain Loss Data Form, we will contact your TPA(s) to submit the data on your behalf.
    • If your claims are administered in-house, please forward this information to the individual responsible for the data.

Loss Data Resource Primer:

Monthly Data Specifications:

Alternative Specifications for Annual Submissions: