The Second Appellate District Answers the Question: How Much Notice Regarding the Nature of the Investigation Does an Entity have to Provide a Police Officer Before Interrogating the Officer?
February 8, 2016

EIA members with public safety officer departments should make sure that reasonable advance notice regarding the nature of allegations against an officer is being provided. Complying with this requirement will help ensure that disciplinary action against an officer does not get overturned because the entity has violated the procedural requirements of the POBRA.

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The Benefits of Pooling: Thoughts in the Wake of a Critical Incident
January 13, 2016

Critical incidents cause us to pause and reflect. They also push us to analyze what we do, and how and why we do it. This is a time, based on the analysis, to learn and plan for the future.

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Health and Safety Training and Information Resources
January 12, 2016

Frequently those involved in the field of Health and Safety find themselves struggling to find information on a given issue or subject. One place to look for training/information is on the CDC TRAIN site.

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Bomb Threats in Schools
December 15, 2015

As our nation struggles to understand the issues surrounding violence in the workplace and schools and its association with increasing threats of terrorism, we all hope to find solutions that will provide us with increased security.

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Workplace Violence Prevention
December 11, 2015

In response to recent events, EIA’s Loss Prevention staff has compiled resources regarding workplace violence prevention, education and best practices.

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Communications – How are we doing?
October 30, 2015

The EIA recently issued a survey regarding communications. Find out about the results!

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EIA Welcomes New Chief Member Services Officer
October 12, 2015

We are excited to announce a new Chief Member Services Officer to the EIA.

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CARES Program
September 22, 2015

Consulting A Recuperating Employee (for/from) Surgery (C.A.R.E.S.) is a pilot program that began on October 1, 2014...

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Settlement of Employment Cases Brought Under the FEHA May Have Just Gotten More Difficult For Employers After a Recent Ruling by the California Supreme Court
July 23, 2015

The landscape for litigating employment cases brought under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) was recently altered by the California Supreme Court in Williams v. Chino Valley Independent Fire District (2015) 61 Cal.4th 97…

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DOJ Launches Pilot Program for Body-Worn Cameras
June 11, 2015

With growing coverage of police interactions all over TV and social media, the usage of body-worn cameras by local and tribal law enforcement organizations has become somewhat of a hot topic...

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