A compendium of risk control best practices, sample policies and presentations on over 100 areas of risk management. Documents within the Toolbox are a compilation of Cal-OSHA approved policies, and best practices documents that can be used by members and customized to fit your entity's unique circumstances.  The Toolbox also includes Information Sheets that are produced by the EIA Loss Prevention team.

Information Sheets

Information Sheets provide valuable data for counties and public agencies dedicated to providing a safe working environment for their employees. 

Best Practices Library

The Best Practices Library is intended to provide policy models, risk management programs, and examples that may fit your organization's needs. EIA staff and members like you have contributed these examples and model procedures.

Safety Talks: A Tailgate/ Toolbox Resource

Safety Talks: A Tailgate/Toolbox Resource is a complimentary selection of safety meeting topics which may be used to plan your safety meetings.

School Liability Handbook: Student Activities and Employment Issues

The School Liability Handbook: Student Activities and Employment Issues was created in conjunction with LozanoSmith, a law firm that specializes in school liability legal services.

Job Safety Analyses

Management and supervisors can use the findings of a job safety analysis to identify and prevent hazards in their workplaces. This is likely to result in fewer worker injuries and illnesses; safer, more effective work methods; reduced workers’ compensation costs; and increased worker productivity. The analysis also can be a valuable tool for training new employees in the steps required to perform their jobs safely.

Essential Job Duties

In order to assist EIA members with Return to Work programs we created this collection of Essential Job Duties. Sometimes doctors and claims administrators do not fully understand the physical requirements of a particular job. This classification specific document, developed jointly by the employer and employee, will help the professional determine relevant work capacities and if they are able to return to work.

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