Loss Data Guidelines and Resources

Excess Workers' Compensation, General Liability 1 & 2, and Medical Malpractice Program Members

The EIA requests updated historical loss data from the members in the Excess Workers' Compensation (EWC)General Liability 1 & 2 (GL1 & GL2), and Medical Malpractice (MM) Programs throughout the year. 

Who Should Send Data:

  • If you have submitted the Authorization to Obtain Loss Data Form, no action is required as we will obtain the data for you. If you haven't submitted the Authorization Form, you may do so by submitting the form.
  • If you use a Third Party Administrator (TPA), please forward this information to them to ensure they submit the data on your behalf. 
  • If your claims are administered in-house, please forward this information to the individual responsible for the data.
  • For those members that are a JPA, you should not have to make an additional request of your members.  Please forward the JPA's loss data, which should be sufficient.
  • For those members in the Primary Workers' Compensation (PWC) and Primary General Liability (PGL) Programs, no action is necessary because the EIA has already made the data request on your behalf.

Loss Data Resource Primer:

Data Specifications and Templates:

If there are no claims to report, please send the EIA a confirmation email with a subject title of "No Known Losses" to lossdata@csac-eia.org.

How to Send Data:

For your convenience, loss data files will be accepted via the secure transmission process offered on our website.