CSAC Excess Insurance Authority (CSAC EIA)

  • Who Is The EIA?

    The CSAC Excess Insurance Authority (EIA) is a risk sharing pool of California public agencies, dedicated to controlling losses and providing effective risk management solutions.

    The EIA is ranked as one of the largest property/casualty and employee benefit public entity risk pools in the nation.

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  • EIA Membership Benefits

    The EIA offers its members volume discounts, blending of self-insurance and insurance, dividends, responsiveness to members' needs, and long-term relationships.

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  • Risk Management Services

    Our programs and risk management services are competitive, available, responsive, equitable, stable, and more...

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School Resources

The EIA is dedicated to providing coverages, services and resources for K-12 schools and community colleges in California. View our school-specific sections for more information about how we can help your school.

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Results of Public Entity Board of Directors Election
The Executive Committee certified the results of the Public Entity Board of Directors election at their meeting on September 4th. Please join us in congratulating our elected Public Entity Representatives on the Board of Directors, effective October… Read more

Executive Committee Nominations Underway
Seven out of 11 current Executive Committee members are at the end of their term. County Board or Alternate Board of Directors members and voting Board of Directors public entity representatives are eligible to participate on the Executive Committee.… Read more

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