Workers' Comp Monitored Legislation

This list of bills represents those measures currently monitored by the Legislative Committee. It is anticipated that this list will grow as additional bills are introduced and various spot bills are amended into measures regarding workers' compensation.

The EIA positions are listed, including the level for that position. The levels, whether in support or opposition of a bill, are as follows: 1 - listed here on the website; 2 - a letter will be sent to the author in addition to posting on the website; 3 - lobbyists or staff may testify, as needed, in support of the position taken.

Assembly Bills

Bill # Bill Name

EIA Position

Last Amended Current Status
AB 1643 (Gonzalez) Workers' comp: permanent disability apportionment

Oppose – Level 3

08/26/2016 Vetoed
AB 2086 (Cooley) Workers’ comp: neuropsych


8/29/2016 Vetoed
AB 2493 (Atkins) Firefighters Disability


8/18/2016 Vetoed
AB 2503 (Obernolte) Workers' Comp: Utilization Review


9/30/2016 Signed

Senate Bills

Bill # Bill Name EIA Position Last Amended Current Status
SB 563 (Pan) Workers' Comp: Utilization Review


6/23/2016 Died
SB 897 (Roth) Workers’ Comp: 4850 Benefits

Oppose - 3

8/26/2016 Vetoed
SB 914 (Mendoza) Workers’ Comp: MPN: IMR


7/22/2016 Signed
SB 1100 (Monning) Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Program


5/31/2016 Died
SB 1160 (Mendoza) Workers' Comp: utilization review


9/30/2016 Signed
SB 1175 (Mendoza) Workers' Comp: Requests for Payment

Support - 1

8/26/2016 Signed