Public Entity Board Members

The public entity membership has seven voting and three alternate seats on the Board of Directors. PRISM solicits nominations for these positions annually, and the public entities elect their representatives. The public entity board members serve two year terms, and the alternates serve one year terms.

Name Member Voting Member Term Expiration
Susan Adams —Schools Central Region School Insurance Group (CRSIG) Yes 9/30/2021
Jamie Cannon —Alternate City of Chico No 9/30/2021
Claudia Castillo del Muro —Alternate City of San Diego No 9/30/2021
C. Paul Frydendal —At-Large Special District Risk Management Authority (SDRMA) Yes 9/30/2022
Janice Galleher —At-Large City of Chula Vista Yes 9/30/2021
Kimberly Greer —City City of Richmond Yes 9/30/2022
Mark Howard —At-Large ACCEL Yes 9/30/2022
Andrew Lathrop —At-Large City of Oakland Yes 9/30/2021
Scott Mann —Alternate City of Sunnyvale No 9/30/2021
Scott Schimke —Special District Golden State Risk Management Authority (GSRMA) Yes 9/30/2022