Update on Labor Law/Employment Practices Program: How to Use the Hotline Effectively




This webcast will provide an update for PWC and GL1 members on the array of valuable services available to your public entity. We will acquaint participants on how the program is being utilized effectively by pool members since its inception. We will highlight the most common questions and services that members have received and how you and your colleagues can make the best use of the many resources this program provides.

Presentation Content

Overview of the major components of the ELG-EIA Labor/ Employment Law Services Program: Legal Advice, Personnel Management Guidance, Documentation, Print Resources

Expanded areas of guidance, advice and documentation on labor and employment issues via the hotline

Major components of the services available to you

Who manages the program and how does it work?

Examples of how CSAC EIA members are using the hotline effectively and how to enhance your current use of the hotline.

How we maintain attorney client privilege and protect your agency’s confidential documents through primary and secondary contacts

Streamlined procedures for your organization to make the most effective use of the hotline


We will provide handouts that include key information on how to get started with the hotline or enhance your current level of usage. This will include

Contact information form and program enrollment

Print resources, including newsletters, breaking news and manuals: how to get them delivered directly to your email box

Upcoming webinar dates and topics

Need More Info or Help?
We hope you can join us, feel free to contact Doug McGill for more details.

Phone: 916-850-7300
Email: dmcgill@csac-eia.org

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Webinar Location: