Best Practices for Successful Telecommuting




Presented by: Patricia Eyres, Managing Partner, Eyres Law Group

This webcast will cover how to implement telework policies and protocols to address employee safety, assure operational security, and manage employees for effective performance during and after the COVID 19 epidemic.

The webcast will focus on the benefits and drawbacks of telework for public entity and school employers and their workforce. Management decisions are critical, as are clarity of policies, procedures and protocols for handling sensitive and confidential materials, assuring security and maintaining the level of transparency required for the citizens of California.

In addition to telecommuting to maintain social distancing, many employees require evaluation of reasonable accommodations for performing their work at home. Some were working with telework accommodation plans prior to the start of the pandemic. Many others required an interactive discussion and evaluation as the impact of the pandemic expanded and more individuals and their families were affected.

This webcast will focus on best practices to assure legal and regulatory compliance, safety and security. We will focus on the law and policy particulars, and also on examples of what is working, what requires some efforts in progress, and protocols that are less successful or create unintended consequences. The webcast will provide relevant, realistic, and reality-based information to inform your entity’s decisions on how to enhance what you are doing effectively, correct problems rapidly as they develop, and consider the role of telecommuting for the future when the pandemic is over and workplaces return to the “old normal.” We will assess whether a “new normal” will better serve employers and their workforce and stakeholders in important sectors of the public service.

We will address best practices for maximizing the benefits of teleworking. Managers need to fully embrace teleworking and refine how success is measured relative to employee productivity. Finally, success in telecommuting rests heavily on public employees having the ability to control how and when their work output is completed within the confines of meeting the needs of the public and students.

The webcast will cover: 

  • Accommodation plans
  • Telework agreements
  • Policy specifics
  • Strategies for managing a remote workforce

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Webinar Location:
EIA TV - EPL & Liability