Specific Strategies for Executive, Risk Management, and HR Teams: How to Help Front-Line Leaders Avoid Sabotaging Legal Compliance




Join Patti Eyres, Managing Partner of Eyres Law Group as she presents this month's webcast.


This webinar is exclusively for executive management teams, HR and risk professionals. The April webcast is a follow up for Department Heads and front-line supervisors. This webcast will provide step-by-step guidance on the importance of training front-line supervisors and employees in a work lead role to address leaves, requests for accommodations, performance management, discipline, and complaint investigations, promptly and properly.  

  • More employees are taking job-protected leave and front-line supervisors are frustrated. They often respond in ways that create legal landmines in an eventual civil lawsuit.  
  • Every reasonable accommodation decision for industrial injuries non-industrial disabilities AND pregnancy-related condition requires an individualized process. Front line leaders must recognize the triggers for the interactive process. Communications with employees needing leave or accommodations aren’t always constructive and their words and actions can actually undermine the agency’s interactive and investigation processes.  
  • Supervisors and Department Heads often react improperly to employee complaints about the workplace when they don’t know what to do and fail to recognize the duty to investigate.  
  • There is a troubling trend among performance evaluators referring to employees’ lack of dependability due to the employee’s use of job-protected leave or absences due to disabilities. In turn, this results in legal exposure, even when there are appropriate reasons to address poor performance or unacceptable workplace conduct.  

Now, more than ever, the changing legal climate requires knowledgeable and skilled Department Heads and supervisors. This webinar will focus on the emerging challenges when first level supervisors inadvertently create legal exposure. We will discuss concrete strategies to use immediately to emphasize and enforce compliance mandates and provide specific information for HR and Risk Professionals to design cost-effective and compliance-effective training.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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EIA TV - EPL & Liability