Educational Institutions Employment Practices Update - Coronavirus (COVID-19)




Presenter:  Patti Eyres, Managing Partner, Eyres Law Group

This webcast will focus on what educational institutions (K-12 districts, COEs and community colleges) must know about the Coronavirus Pandemic, including strategies to address workplace disruption, illness and quarantines, leaves, accommodations and compliance with federal and state regulations and emergency declarations. We will help participants make sense of the quickly changing – and, often, conflicting – reports and guidelines from the CDC, NIH, OSHA, the California Department of Industrial Relations, and other regulatory agencies. We will help you identify your own entity’s unique concerns for employees, the public, students and families as we all grapple with foreseeable and potential developments. We will provide tools for preparation with proactive policies and strategies. We currently anticipate the following major topics:

Explanation, in objective terms, of the range of issues for school districts and COEs for maintaining appropriate precautions to prevent exposures and essential services workers safe;

Making sense of conflicting or changing guidelines, requirements for paid leave (federal and state, as well as applicability of Ed. Code leaves for absences related to COVID-19 situations or other leave such as industrial injury, PDL, child bonding/parental leave, and more.

How to address ongoing requests for reasonable accommodation in the district or COE workplaces – whether in district facilities OR while working from home

How to enact and enforce effective telework policies, for both temporary and longer-term options.

Potential industrial and non-industrial illness claims, including RTW issues with mandated testing, fitness for duty statements, and more

How to sidestep discrimination, harassment or retaliation traps for the unwary – discrimination or harassment based on national origin or disability, and string non-retaliation requirement

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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