Assessing Risky Behaviors Related to Child Sexual Abuse




Join author and founder of TAALK Diane Cranley as she examines how to assess behaviors of child preditors

It’s common to hear bystanders share their memories of specific instances of concerning behavior after an allegation of sexual abuse comes to light, but hindsight doesn’t protect children. As we implement boundaries that intercede with grooming behaviors in our schools, we need a mechanism for individuals to report observed violations, so they can be addressed. We also need a centralized repository of these reports which creates visibility to patterns of behavior which are likely to lead to abuse without proactive intervention. This session will explore how to create an effective feedback process that becomes part of the culture of your school community.

Course objectives include:

  1. Learn how to incorporate the feedback process into your existing operations and culture
  2. Explore key considerations for gathering feedback from staff, parents, and students of all ages
  3. Become familiar with a variety of mechanisms for gathering feedback and the best practices in the collection process

See how our partner phone app, StopIt, can be utilized to support the feedback process

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Thursday, February 15, 2018
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Webinar Location:
EIA TV - Educators