Michael Fleming, Chief Executive Officer

Gina Dean, Chief Operating Officer

Brian Kelley, Director of Underwriting

Sarah Bishop, Senior Underwriting Analyst

Max Larkin, Senior Underwriting Analyst

Rebekah Winger, Senior Underwriting Analyst

Lori Scheel, Underwriting Specialist

John Alltop, Chief Actuary

Justin Whitney, Actuarial Analyst

Fred Treffinger, Director of Business Analytics 

Kencay Phillips, Senior Business Analytics Developer

Danielle Reich, Senior Business Analytics Developer

Tiana Randazzo, Senior Business Analytics Developer

Judy Reyes-Caguimbal, Senior Business Analytics Developer


Allison Bateman, Human Resources Manager

Brittany Sherrill, Meeting & Event Planner

Kelli Snelling, Executive Secretary

Lisa Sandoval, Records Administration

Aubrey Cannon, Administrative Assistant

Theresa Lopez, Receptionist

Sidney DiDomenico, Director of Employee Benefits

Kathleen Barnes, Employee Benefits Specialist

Puneet Behl, Chief Financial Officer

Dee Ranaweera, Controller

Trina Johnson, Supervising Senior Accountant

Tanya Andreyeva, Accountant

Donna McClanahan, Accountant

Evaluz Barrameda, Accounting Technician


Tom Pelster, Chief Information Officer

Nicole Montalvo, Information Technology Manager

Kenny Popst, Information Technology Manager

Travis Bowen, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Lisa Ganas, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Jeff Louie, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Carrie Little, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Laurel Raleigh, Senior Information Technology Specialist

John Russell, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Jason Watson, Senior Information Technology Specialist

Emily Jensen, Information Technology Specialist

Joan Munson, Information Technology Specialist

Lisa Wilson, Information Technology Specialist

Tuesday Taylor, Information Technology Clerical Assistant

Rick Brush, Chief Member Services Officer

Maria Williams, Senior Member Services Specialist

Gina Engman, Communications Specialist

Charles Williams, Director of Risk Control

Travis Clemmer, Senior Supervising Risk Control Specialist

Sarah Bruno, Senior Risk Control Specialist

Juan Cajandig, Senior Risk Control Specialist

Eric Lucero, Senior Risk Control Specialist - Education

John Nichols, Senior Risk Control Specialist

Scarlett Sadler, Senior Risk Control Specialist

Ian Chadwick, Risk Control Specialist

Doug McGill, Risk Control Clerical Assistant

Mike Pott, Chief Legal Counsel

Debbie Arnold, Claims Clerical Assistant

Heather Fregeau, Director of Liability Claims

Roger Hernandez, Senior Excess Liability Claims Specialist

Randy Lingenfelter, Senior Excess Liability Claims Specialist

Doug Taylor, Senior Excess Liability Claims Specialist

Lindsey Fagliano, Liability Claims Specialist

Paulina Guzman, Liability Claims Specialist

Katie Duchesne, Liability Claims Assistant

Jen Hamelin, Director of WC Claims

Karin Wedworth, WC Claims Manager

Suzanne Nutter, WC Supervising Senior

Antoniette Schaub, WC Supervising Senior

Donna Delfin, Senior WC Claims Settlement Specialist

Lindsey Cisson, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Tricia Ingles, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Sue Ludden, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Nick Nutter, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Paul Stanley, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Sandy Thomas, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Nicole Torres, Senior WC Claims Specialist

Pam Viglietti, Senior WC Claims Specialist

James O'Brien, WC Claims Specialist

Leah Perez, WC Claims Specialist

Michael Viramontes, WC Claims Specialist

Ashley Bray, WC Claims Assistant

Kristina Rodabaugh, WC Claims Assistant