EIA's Work with Robotic Process Automation Featured

The EIA’s recent implementation of the Little Debbie bot was featured in Techwire.

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2018 EAGLE Award Winners

The winners of the 2nd Annual EAGLE Awards  were announced at the October Board of Directors meeting. The winning projects were a blend of risk management and safety initiatives, as well as real life examples of innovation by our Members. Congratulations to the winners who will each be highlighted in upcoming Member Spotlights.

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EIAHealth Committee Approves Preferred Vendor List for On-Site Health Clinics

In order to address the requests of EIAHealth program members, the EIAHealth Committee voted to approve a preferred vendor list for on-site health clinics.  Through the extensive efforts made by the Alliant Employee Benefits in collaboration with the EIAHealth Committee, three vendors were approved and added to the  list.

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2019 Executive Committee Elected

At the October 5, 2018 Board of Directors meeting, elections were held for the 2019 Executive Committee positions of President, Vice President, and seats with terms expiring on December 31, 2018.

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New Benefit for PWC Members - Telemedicine

As a member of the EIA PWC Program, members now have access to Telemedicine services via KuraMD. Telemedicine marries everyday life’s technology with state of the art physicians. You can connect with a doctor via your smart phone, tablet or PC on a secure video connection. Whether your agency is in a remote location, don’t have access to specialists, or your employees just want to be more efficient with their time than sitting and waiting in a doctor’s office, Telemedicine may be right for you and your employees.

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