Many PRISM members are battling and are affected by wildfires burning throughout the State. Here is a compilation of various PRISM resources, links, and information for members affected by Wildfires. Please do not hesitate to contact PRISM if we can assist in any way.


Emergency Wildfire Smoke Rule: While we expect Cal/OSHA to adopt a permanent regulation in the near future, the emergency rule from last year has been extended and is currently in place. For additional information, check out Risk Simplified: Emergency Wildfire Smoke Rule and our blog on the topic.

Wildfire Smoke Awareness Course: Developed by PRISM Risk Control staff and available on the TargetSolutions platform for assignment. The "PRISM: Wildfire Smoke Awareness" course was created to help members meet the training requirements to protect outdoor employees exposed to wildfire smoke.

Wildfire Smoke and COVID-19: The CDC has put together some additional information pertaining to how the current pandemic may affect your response and preparation for wildfires. In some cases, the combination of COVID-19 epidemic and wildfires may require modifying emergency plans.

N95 and Wildfire Smoke Protection


Resources During Catastrophic Events

Did You Know...How to get Prescription Medications During an Emergency Evacuation? 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Risk Control or Employee Benefits departments, or call 916-850-7300.

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