CSRM joined the CSAC EIA Property Program in 2002. The following year, they joined both the Primary Workers’ Compensation (PWC) and the Excess Workers’ Compensation (EWC) Programs. Since then, they have taken advantage of the Cyber Liability and Pollution Programs. When they joined the workers’ compensation programs, their losses were such that joining the PWC made sense, even though they were a large entity serving 29 member school districts.

Through the years, they have matured and implemented best practices in both claims handling oversight, working with their TPAs, as well as a progressive risk control program to mitigate future losses. In 2014/15, they took on more risk with a larger deductible in the PWC program as their risk control and claims management practices showed favorable trending in their claims ratio. Always working with their actuary to determine the most appropriate SIR, based on their own personal risk tolerance, and loss experience, they have matured to a point to increase their self-insured retention (SIR) from $25,000 to $250,000, thus leaving the PWC Program, which has a limit of $125,000 before transferring members to the EWC Program.

Dr. Karla Rhay, CSRM Chief Executive Officer said, “This is the fulfillment of a long term strategy for CSRM that the PWC has supported over the years. With our workers’ compensation programs’ stability, and an in-house claims team to augment the work of our TPAs, our Board has decided now is the time for us to take full control.”

The EIA is excited to spotlight their success. Mike Fleming, EIA CEO saying, “It is great to see our members grow and have so much success with their risk management program.” He went on to say, “while CSRM was one of the largest members in the PWC Program, the Program has tremendous spread of risk with 38 members and over $2.4B in payroll, and its funding is in a very strong position, exceeding the 90% confidence level and surpassing the Committee’s designated target surplus reserves.”