Frequently those involved in the field of Health and Safety find themselves struggling to find information on a given issue or subject.

One place to look for training/information is on the CDC TRAIN site. CDC TRAIN is a gateway into TRAIN National, the most comprehensive catalog of public health learning products. CDC TRAIN is one of the most widely used learning management systems and is a free service of the Public Health Foundation.

CDC TRAIN provides access to over 1300 courses developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) programs, grantees, and other funded partners. Courses offered by CDC course providers have been approved and verified by CDC. The courses are Public Health centric but do include some safety and emergency response information.

Because all CDC TRAIN sites are connected, CDC TRAIN users can access information about state, local, national, or international training available to them through any participating TRAIN site.

Learners can use CDC TRAIN to:

  • Search or browse the nationwide database for on-site or distance learning courses
  • Sign up for e-mails about new courses
  • Create a personal learning record of competency-based training
  • Provide and view feedback about courses listed on the site
  • Register online for many courses
  • Earn CEUs (often at no cost)

Take a look and use the search function to find information of value to your organization.

As an example of a resource, here is a CDC/NIOSH webinar series called NIOSH Total Worker Health that may be of interest to the Health and Safety Community.