The Loss Prevention team is hard at work creating new resources for you. The latest additions to the toolbox are two new Automated External Defibrillators (AED) Assessments found in the Risk Assessment Tool. There is a general assessment and one more specific to the school environment.

The Risk Assessment Tool allows you to proactively identify gaps in your risk management programs. The tool consists of online surveys which help you generate customized action plans designed to assist in program improvement.

The AED Program Assessment covers in detail the areas of operation that are part of a successful AED program. There is a total of 11 questions. At the end of the assessment, you will be provided a score based on your answers as well as an action plan template. The Education AED Program Assessment is similar, but was created specifically for our education members.

We encourage you to take the assessment that applies and find out how you score!

If you aren’t familiar with the Risk Assessment Tool, check out one of our webcasts intended to familiarize viewers with the features of the tool. All three webcasts are currently available on demand on EIAtv or contact us for more information.