Sometimes referred to as a “claims index” or “index report” the ISO ClaimSearch system allows your claims team to generate a claims history report on a claimant.


Here’s how it works - when a claim is submitted, the system searches the database and returns information about other claims filed by the same individual or business. The system finds matches using identifying information fields such as; name, address, Social Security number (SSN), vehicle identification number (VIN), driver's license number, etc. The database contains claim information for all lines of coverage (workers’ compensation, liability, property, etc.).


The index report is an investigative tool to help identify claim patterns, overlapping claims, and prior injuries/claims.


Best practice would be to initiate an index search upon receipt of a claim, and then subsequent inquires on an as needed basis.  Indexing is actually part the EIA Workers’ Compensation & Liability Claims Administration Guidelines. An important element is to review the report for relevant information to determine if any follow up or action is needed that could help mitigate your exposure.


If your entities’ TPA or claims administrator is not currently using this service, please contact Ashley Bray to enroll.