Board Approves Elimination of Public Entity Fee
Posted by Michael Fleming in PRISM Happenings

The EIA Board of Directors met on March 3, 2017, and approved the elimination of the ½ percent Public Entity Fee. The Fee was created when Public Entity members were first allowed to join the EIA back in 2001. The Public Entity Fee was important and it served a useful purpose when initiated, but now it is contrary to the EIA's mission, which includes that we are Equitable – allocating costs and services between various members in a fair and consistent manner.

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Analyzing Disability Discrimination/Failure To Accommodate Claims In A Police Setting
Posted by Mike Pott in Legal Eye

If a police officer recruit cannot perform the essential functions of their job because of an injury suffered during their time at the Police Academy, can the officer prevail on a claim for disability discrimination or failure to accommodate?  In the recent case of Atkins v. City of Los Angeles, No. B257890, Second Dist., Div. Seven (Feb. 14, 2017), the Court dealt with such a case, providing guidance on how to analyze these claims in a police setting and instructing how to challenge a future wage loss award.  

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