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    Learn how CSAC EIA is building the blueprint for the future of risk management.

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    2015 Annual Report

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    Our programs and risk management services are competitive, available, responsive, equitable, stable, and more...

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    The EIA offers its members volume discounts, blending of self-insurance and insurance, dividends, responsiveness to members' needs, and long-term relationships.

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  • Who Is The EIA?

    The CSAC Excess Insurance Authority (EIA) is a risk sharing pool of California public agencies, dedicated to controlling losses and providing effective risk management solutions.

    The EIA is ranked as one of the largest property/casualty and employee benefit public entity risk pools in the nation.

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    Who Is The EIA?

Educational Organization Resources

The EIA is dedicated to providing coverages, services and resources for K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities in California. View our educational organization-specific sections for more information about how we can help.

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News From EIA

CSAC EIA to Launch Critical Incident Services and Response Team

Over the past several months, EIA staff conducted an RFP for Critical Incident Services. On Friday, December 11th, the Executive Committee unanimously approved contracting with Mainstream Unlimited for pre and post critical incident services. Based on Committee member discussion, staff was directed to move forward with the service offering as soon as possible.

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2016 Executive Committee Elected

At the October 2, 2015 Board of Directors meeting, elections were held for the 2016 Executive Committee positions of President, Vice President, and seats with terms expiring on December 31, 2015. 

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From Our Blog

The Second Appellate District Answers the Question: How Much Notice Regarding the Nature of the Investigation Does an Entity have to Provide a Police Officer Before Interrogating the Officer?

EIA members with public safety officer departments should make sure that reasonable advance notice regarding the nature of allegations against an officer is being provided. Complying with this requirement will help ensure that disciplinary action against an officer does not get overturned because the entity has violated the procedural requirements of the POBRA.

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The Benefits of Pooling: Thoughts in the Wake of a Critical Incident

Critical incidents cause us to pause and reflect. They also push us to analyze what we do, and how and why we do it. This is a time, based on the analysis, to learn and plan for the future.

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Health and Safety Training and Information Resources

Frequently those involved in the field of Health and Safety find themselves struggling to find information on a given issue or subject. One place to look for training/information is on the CDC TRAIN site.

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