For more than 30 years the EIA has flourished.  With our members and long time partner, Alliant Insurance Services by our side we’ve made the EIA the place to be.

The EIA is a pioneer in our industry.  We construct complicated but essential programs which enable us to spread risk and minimize costs for everyone, even in the most dismal of times.  Collectively, we assemble new services, trainings and seminars in response to shrinking budgets, changing laws, and new regulations to ensure that our members are given the tools and information they need to sustain a successful risk management program.  In addition, we make every effort possible to foster an environment that encourages networking and information sharing amongst our peers.  Together, we find answers and create solutions.

The EIA’s Blog is our newest communication tool.  We recognize that we’re all doing more with less nowadays and your time is precious.  With subscription options we hope to empower you by offering you the option to pick what is essential to you.  You can subscribe to just one or several categories that are of interest.  Find something that you want to share with other colleagues?  There are sharing tools available that make it easy to share information in the way that you prefer. 

We welcome your feedback!  Please contact Nicole Pimley, Senior IT Specialist at the EIA with any comments or questions.