And the Golden Toilet Paper goes to CSAC EIA!

June 17th, 2011

CSAC EIA and SIA employees squared off on Tuesday for the 2nd annual TP Challenge where a combined total of 6,863 rolls of TP were collected for the annual United Way LIVE UNITED toilet paper drive. 

These two teams met at the SIA office for some friendly competition consisting of constructing the tallest TP tower, the most creative structure built with TP and the most TP rolls collected. 

CSAC EIA employees took back the coveted “golden TP” trophy for collecting the most TP with 3,556 rolls and also took the most creative structure award.  SIA employees honorably collected 3,307 rolls of TP and won the tallest TP tower.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the EIA in our efforts this year. It was a great day of fun and teamwork with the real winners being the United Way.  Until next year….

TP Trophy

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